January 31, 2021

Where did this all start?


In 2015 Social Media platforms began introducing terms of service prohibiting hate speech which resulted in selective bans throughout the end of the Obama presidency and beginning of the Trump presidency.  Two years later Alex Jones, Gavin McInnes, and Dennis Prager became some of the first victims of de-platforming based on their political views.

Big Tech Giants continue to de-platform their rivals by removing apps from common App Stores requiring users to download the APK files or just use the web sites instead of the apps. In 2021 Amazon, Google and Apple colluded to completely remove Parlor due to allegations of  creating a safe haven for incitement of violence prior to the storming of the Capital Building on Jan 6th, 2021.

Financial services continue to de-platform controversial speakers, organizations, and even political candidates by denying access to banking, credit card, and payment processing services while cancel culture mobs use tactics to silence speakers through various forms of harassment threatening their employment and even threatening their lives and the lives of their loved ones.

While the free market may not be held to the same standards as we hold our federal government, they must understand that they are destroying democratic participation, fueling outrage, and setting course for a country more divided.

Silencing un-popular opinions only drives factions within our society. Instead of silencing the people we disagree with, we should expose their speech and welcome it for debate.

The Back Free Speech Project is a project that we launched to give a platform for businesses that want to support freedom of speech and expression.

Businesses follow the people…  Please join this movement, share this post, like this page and spread the word.  We need to bring free speech back.